Cross-Discipline Communication | Gameplay Animation | Technical Aptitude | Collaboration | Illustration | Strategic Thinking | Leadership | Unity | Maya | Photoshop
An experienced senior 3D animator in the AAA mobile and PC games space with nine years industry experience. Passionate about helping teams create imaginary worlds that players want to get lost in.
I grew up just outside of Victoria, BC, Canada. In 2004, I moved out of my parents home--to Shanghai, China. I lived in Shanghai for one amazing, intense, eye-opening year. When I returned to Canada I moved to Vancouver to attend Capilano University's digital and traditional animation programs to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an animator. My first industry job was working as a setup artist for Rainmaker Entertainment’s Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale in 2009. Where, thanks to my insistence on cramming animation onto the proxy character models, I was bumped up to the position of Animator six months later and enjoyed bringing Barbie and her friends to life in multiple productions over the next two years.
In mid 2012 I was offered the fantastic opportunity to join Disney on their then hit kids’ MMO Club Penguin. I instantly fell in love with game production. The joy of creating worlds and characters that our players could interact with, and that we in turn could surprise and delight them with was incredible. After two years as an illustrator, I jumped back into the animator’s seat to help the studio create their next adventure. Many experiments (and a few years) later, Disney’s Club Penguin Island was born, a beautiful AAA mobile MMO that we soon expanded to include PC. I had the absolute honour of leading the animation team on that project. Collaborating with everyone from business analytics to concept art was immensely gratifying, and helping my team produce the most effective and engaging animation possible even more so. I consider myself a serial learner, and am constantly learning new tools and techniques to deliver on the vision of the product. Disney has since closed down all of their internal game studios, including Club Penguin, but the genuine love of our players and the passion for creating great things with great people will be with me always. I now search the horizon for the next vision to call home.
There’s a little bit of magic where the line between art and technology blurs--and that is where I like to be. If you’re excited about what you're making, give me a shout, I’m always up for a chat.
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